We often get asked “Why do I need a Will?”. The short answer is because the consequences of not having a Will may leave your loved ones unable to deal with some of your property or assets without significant legal expenses.

A Will is defined as ‘A written declaration of disposition of property by a living person to take effect on death’. In other words, ‘who I give my things to’. Not only can a Will direct to whom you would like to leave your assets, it can also direct who can care for your minor children, determine who can replace you as the trustee of a family trust or even allow a family member or friend to reside in your home or property after your death.

Wills are often difficult for people to think about as they are, by existence, a little morbid and forces people to confront their own mortality. In preparing your Will you must consider that you will die and that there may be unexpected implications resulting from your death. We can draft your Will so as to avoid these unexpected outcomes.

Our expert estate planning lawyers consider not only your financial and immediate family positions, but we also consider issues such as:

  • blended families
  • adopted and step-children
  • death of your spouse contemporaneously
  • possibilities of future claims on your estate or
  • circumstances of no living beneficiaries

If you don’t have a Will, or your personal or financial circumstances have changed since making your last Will, or you want to reconsider the terms of your current Will; our estate planning lawyers can assist you in making sure that your Will is properly drafted to give effect to your wishes.

We offer a cost and obligations free consultation to discuss any of your estate planning needs. At the consultation we can provide you with a fixed fee to prepare and finalise your Will and any other estate planning documents that you may need.