One of the most important things you can do for your loved ones is to prepare a Will. 


Having your Will professionally prepared by our Gold Coast Will Lawyers gives you the certainty of who administers your estate and who receives the benefit of your life’s hard work.  Importantly, it also reduces the opportunity for others to make a claim.


Dying intestate (without a will) or with an out of date or poorly prepared Will means you may leave behind stress, worry and expense for your family.


There are many options available to you in having your Will prepared but for peace of mind, speak to the expert Gold Coast Will Lawyers at Evolution Legal.  While the “DIY Will Kit” or the Public Trustee may seem like a cheap option, your family and estate are worth more than that.  What you may save in the preparation of a Will of this type will likely just see your estate being burdened with unnecessary legal fees after your death.


We all realise that our health may deteriorate, or we may suffer an injury leaving us incapable of looking after our affairs.  This is where it is important to have an Enduring Power of Attorney.  This is a document giving someone else the power to makes decisions when you cannot.  This person can be given the power to make personal health and financial decisions on your behalf.  This person can be your spouse, a family member or a close friend who has your best interests at heart and more importantly someone you trust implicitly who will continue with your affairs as if it was you.

The experienced Will and Estate Planning Lawyers at Evolution Legal will collaborate with your Accountant and/or Financial Planner to carefully plan your Estate and prepare your Will to ensure what you do leave behind is not diminished by taxes, fees and duties or potential family provision claims.


If you would like the Gold Coast's premier Will Lawyers at Evolution Legal to prepare your Will, please contact our office and we will forward to you a Will Making Checklist for you to complete and return.  As we will already have some of your information, completing the Will Making Checklist will help us save you time, money and stress when you come in for your free initial consultation.

For more information on Will preparation, Estate planning, Testamentary, Discretionary or Trust Wills, please contact us for an obligation free chat or consultation.

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