There is no cookie cutter approach to Conveyancing

There’s a lot more a Conveyancing Lawyer can do for you than shuffle legal documents around. The market in South East Queensland is the most active it has been in the last 30 years. This often leads to frustrated buyers feeling left out and perhaps rushing in. Your conveyancer can take some of that pressure off by talking you through all the important stuff you need to focus on. Sellers also need to have their ducks in a row to ensure buyer confidence and a smooth transition.

When should you get a Conveyancer involved?

Absolutely when you start looking to buy or sell is the correct answer. Get your conveyancer to make enquiries and research the property before you even approach the agent. It’s amazing what you can find out for free when you know where to look. After the contract is signed is too late to avoid a potential problem with it or the property.

Find the right conveyancing lawyer

It doesn’t really matter if you are a first time home buyer or an experienced property investor. You should feel like your conveyancing lawyer has your best interests at heart and is applying all their understanding of the law to work on your behalf. That’s the way to successful outcomes, we believe.

All you need to know

When we first sit down, we ask buyers: have you signed anything, is the property an investment or a home, is there anything unusual about the property, have you owned property anywhere else in the world, do you have any particular needs or terms? To sellers we ask: have you engaged an agent, have you signed anything, have you undertaken any works on the property, do you have any purchasing documentation, have you received any notices from Council or other authorities regarding the property? We want to know as much as we can about the property in question.

Buying or selling a commercial property

Buying and selling commercial property comes with its own challenges and issues. Contracts, due diligence investigations, compliance, new developments, title schemes, boundaries and material changes. Your commercial property conveyancing lawyers must be up to date with current legislation and industry rules and regulations. They should be able to collaborate with your advisors and consultants.

Use the time wisely

The main cause of frustration for both buyers and sellers currently is the amount of time the banks are taking to process loans. As settlement dates loom with no approvals in sight, naturally worry sets in. While there is not much you can do about it, use the time wisely to make sure that you’ve thought of everything and have all the paperwork ready to go.

If you are purchasing or selling a residential, commercial, industrial or rural property, put our friendly and experienced team of conveyancing lawyers to work.

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