Partnerships and Joint Ventures

At Evolution Legal our commercial lawyers are your here to advise and assist you in going into that deal with a friend or business associate.  When client's discuss going into partnerships or joint venture arrangements is mostly with some excitement about the opportunity ahead.  Often, we see client's approaching it with rose coloured glasses.

Lawyers often get accused of being glass half empty sort of personalities.  That is because it is our job to consider what can go wrong in these arrangements and build mechanisms into these agreements of how the parties will deal with those issues.  It is much easier to discuss possible problems whilst everyone is friendly.

Our commercial lawyers can draft your partnership or joint venture agreement which is specifically tailored to your requirements. No two partnerships are the same and each arrangement has its own intricacies.


There are a number of different structures that can be used.  Using the wrong structure can have legal, taxation and duty implications that may not have been envisaged at the outset.

If you are considered a partnership or joint venture arrangement, then your first port of call should be to the talented partnership lawyers at Evolution Legal to see how we can make that partnership all it can be.

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