Grants of Probate / Letters of Administration

The expert Wills and Estates Lawyers at Evolution Legal can help you at all stages of your estate administration including making applications to the Court for a Grant of Probate or a Grant of Letters of Administration.  


A Grant of Probate by the Supreme Court is the sanctioning by the Court that the will being administered is the true last will of the deceased.  This ensures that the beneficiaries receiving a benefit or a gift under the Will are the deceased intended beneficiaries.  The process to obtain a Grant of Probate ensures that any later wills are discovered prior to any distribution under the will.


A Grant of Letters of Administration by the Supreme Court is a declaration by the Court that the person making the application is the appropriate person.  If a person dies intestate, that is without a will, then an application for a Grant of Letters of administration are required to ensure that the most appropriate person is administering the estate of the deceased.


In each circumstance above, the administration of the estate can be undertaken with the appropriate sanction of the Supreme Court to ensure that the executors or administrators of the estate can do so in comfort.

If a member of your family has recently passed away, contact the premier Gold Coast estate administration lawyers at Evolution Legal to assist you in making applications to the Court and administering the estate.

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