Mediation is a means by which the parties can come together and attempt to resolve their disputes without the formal environment of the Court.

As part of the family law property settlement process under the Family Law Act, if the parties are unable to reach agreement on any issue and for any reason, the Court has a requirement that the parties attend mediation in an attempt to resolve some, if not all, of the issues at hand.

All family law issues are capable of resolution at mediation and include:

  • Disagreement as to value of assets
  • Unequal contributions by one party to the assets of the relationship
  • Emotional ties to a particular asset
  • Asset division
  • Joint agreement to the sale of property

If you are trying to resolve your family law property settlement and you appear to have come to a standstill due to disagreement, give our mediation lawyers a call and we can assist you to arrange a mediation and attend with you to expedite your property settlement.