Divorce is the process and final certificate which formalises the ending of a marriage.

Not only does a divorce end the marriage, it also can sever one parties’ entitlement to claim against the other. Getting a divorce triggers a time frame in which a party can make an application for property orders under the Family Law. It can also have the effect of dis-entitling a former spouse from making a claim against an ex-wife or ex-husband’s deceased estate.

Whilst many divorces are straight forward and result in a simple application in the Family Court, some, such as one spouse being overseas or the parties being married overseas, adds some hurdles which the parties need to overcome before the Family Court will grant a Decree Nisi (a divorce certificate).

It is also the case that in some circumstances you may be required to attend at the Family Court for your divorce hearing.

Our lawyers are happy to prepare your application for divorce, administer the process or ‘service’ of the divorce application and attend at the divorce hearing with you to ensure that your divorce can be finalised.

If you are having issues in obtaining a divorce, give our family lawyers a call and we will make sure your divorce goes through with minimal fuss.