Residential Sales and Purchases

The purchase of your home is one of the biggest, and usually most emotional, decisions you will make in your life. Some say that you should buy with your head and not your heart. That is easier said than done when you have just fallen in love with your dream home.

Why not let our conveyancing lawyers be that rational mind whilst you let your heart run free? ‘We’ stand beside you and buy that home. We are disappointed alongside you when you miss out on securing a contract or the building and pest inspection reveals numerous faults. We celebrate with you when your finance is approved, or settlement is completed, and you can finally move in.

Our conveyancing lawyers offer a premium service. We like to be engaged and work with you during your search for the property, your contract negotiations and post-contractual searches and reporting to you on the results of such searches. This is even more so important when selling your property as we can undertake searches, obtain pre-contractual building reports and other like investigations into the property so that your buyer is fully informed at the time of signing the contract and not when they find the unsatisfactory results of a search.

Our lawyers work closely with your other advisors, such as your financier or broker, your building and pest inspector or your builder to ensure that we can make the most important purchase in your life as stress free as possible.

We can assist in:

  • Negotiating and preparing contracts
  • Undertaking enquiries and searches into the property including the surrounding area and future developments
  • Undertake pre-contractual investigations into the property
  • Seek purchase price reductions based on unsatisfactory search results
  • Advise on mortgage or loan documents from your financier
  • Advise on ownership structures and how the properties are held for estate planning or family arrangements

Unfortunately, as fantastic as we are at conveyancing, we won’t help you move your furniture so please don’t ask. What we can do is try and have settlements happen at a specific time so as to not leave you ‘homeless’ for any longer than is absolutely necessary.

If you want to use the best conveyancing lawyers on the Gold Coast, then call our conveyancing lawyers and ‘we’ will stand with you in realising your dream home or investment property or selling a property for any reason.