Franchising of a business is a means of ensuring that there is uniformity across the operation of that business regardless of its location or business ownership. Franchising is appealing to some new business owners as there is processes and structure in place (developed by the franchisor) to ensure that the new business owner can have confidence in their business operations. From the franchisor’s perspective, the appealing and enticing part of franchising is the ability to grow its brand, the business and customer awareness and this can be achieved through this type of business structure.

Our lawyers have experience in acting for national franchisors in the beauty and hospitality industries as well as acting for franchisees who are looking to purchase a franchise. If you are considering franchising your own business or buying a franchised business, then our lawyers can assist you.

The franchising of businesses is regulated by the Franchising Code of Conduct. The Franchising Code of Conduct is primarily a piece of legislation to protect franchisees entering into franchise arrangements. When franchising your business, selling your franchise business or buying a franchise business. Of course, we’ve all heard horror stories of big national franchisors making profits whilst small business owners (the franchisees) suffer losses and sometimes lose their life savings.

We are here to stand with you in that purchase of your dream franchising business or if you want to expand your business in a franchise model. Call our business lawyers to take that step with you.