Business Purchases and Sales

Look no further than the business lawyers at Evolution Legal when it comes to buying or selling a business.  Our lawyers are ready to help you whether it be that first step from employee to being self-employed, getting ready for your retirement or expanding your already successful business.

We are vastly experienced in all types of business acquisitions and sales. We frequently act in the sale or purchase of businesses whether that be purchasing a coffee shop, a national franchise as a franchisee or other small business or entering into a complex share sale agreement to sell your whole company. Our business Lawyers have practical experience and understand the common issues that arise in business sale and purchases.  We are able to assist in preparing your business for sale or negotiating the contract to get you into that ideal business you’ve always wanted to own.

We encourage you to engage us early so that we can provide you with a good base of knowledge before you proceed. This may include advising you as to the possible structures in which you can operate the business, undertaking pre-contractual and post-contractual searches, undertaking due diligence investigations and providing reports. We also work closely with your accountant or other advisors and industry experts, to ensure that no stone is left un-turned and your transaction runs smoothly.

If you are looking to buy or sell a business, call our business lawyers to take control, lower your stress and make sure that all the proper steps are taken in your transaction, whether that be as a new business owner or a sale where you will transition into retirement.

Frequently Asked Questions