About Us

We’re the kind of people lawyers should be

Evolution Legal was established on the Gold Coast in 2010 after we identified a need for a comprehensive law practice that puts clients first, and for the purpose of developing and implementing effective, individual legal solutions.

Because no two people are the same

Sometimes the legal issues are significant and will require a lengthy period of interaction and progress. Other times we perform a simple conveyance or offer general legal advice. But we always think of each matter as being unique. It begins with just talking. Finding out about you and your special circumstances helps us design the best, most effective solutions. We want you to know we are doing a good job, and we make sure we do a good job for you in turn.

An extensive resource network

We are proud of our ability to meet the needs of people on the Gold Coast, in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Having a comprehensive resource network helps us provide a full and reliable service. If your matter doesn’t sit within our wheelhouse, we know someone who can help you. We will hold your hand no matter what.

Leaders show the way

Putting people first shouldn’t be something new to the legal profession on the Gold Coast. By truly respecting each person’s circumstances we find the best way forward for our clients. Especially the Mum and Dad businesses, small business owners, trades and those with common legal requirements like conveyancing, wills, leases or other commercial documents. No one wants to be seen as just a number. We vowed to make change for the better and the results have been incredible.