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Evolution Legal is the Gold Coast's premier law firm specialising in Property Law, Conveyancing, Commercial Law, Business Law and Estate Planning.  Evolution Legal was established on the Gold Coast in 2010 when it was realised that there is a requirement within the Gold Coast legal profession for a well-rounded law practice which puts the client first and develops and implements effective legal solutions. 

No two clients are the same. What may be a significant issue to one client may be a non-issue to another.  That is why we have adopted the motto of 'Legal Solutions as Individual as You'.  We are here to assist our clients with their legal needs and do it as we love to be part of their successes and achievements.  Our approach is that if we look after our clients, our clients will look after us. 


Evolution Legal is a progressive and dynamic firm utilising a broad practice base.  Through our extensive resource network, we are able to fully service our clients, providing them with legal solutions as individual as they are.  We enjoy assisting the Gold Coast, South East Queensland, and Northern New South Wales community in the continued evolution through their legal needs whether that be a first-time home buyer or making their Will.

Whether your requirement is purchasing your first property, preparing your Will and estate plan or extend to complex property and commercial law transaction, the friendly and experienced lawyers at Evolution Legal will deliver the results.

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